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Welcome to West Allis Dental Care

At West Allis Dental Care, we are proud to serve the Milwaukee WI area.  Our dentists offer full service dental care and can address all your oral health needs in West Allis. Our services include everything from routine check-ups and teeth cleaning to more involved cosmetic dentistry procedures such as dental implants.

We strive to be an affordable dental health care provider. One of the ways we do that is by offering our own, special insurance,  Dental Protection Plan, Inc. (DPPI). For very little cost, the Dental Protection Plan supplements your existing coverage or reduces costs if you do not have dental coverage. Read more…

At West Allis Dental Care, we get to know our patients. Every mouth is different and every person’s oral health history is different. Our dentists have many years of experience serving the Milwaukee area with outstanding dental care.

Come on in and get to know us. You can even relax with our sedation dentistry service. We are conveniently located in the heart of West Allis.
Give us a call today at 414-258-2500! 

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