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Visit West Allis Dental Care in Milwaukee for complete denture treatment as a solution for missing teeth

Dentures are used to replace multiple missing teeth. They help a patient speak and chew, and provide an esthetic smile. A partial denture replaces any missing teeth on either the upper or lower arch, while a full denture replaces an entire arch. Dentures are made in a series of appointments. The first two appointments include making accurate models of the jaws and picking a shade for teeth. The third appointment is to determine size and location of the teeth. The fourth allows the patient and dentist to verify the location of the teeth before the final product is made. At the last appointment, the patient receives their dentures and learns how to properly care for their new teeth. During the first few months, the patient may need to return for a few quick adjustment appointments

WADC has been practicing dentistry in West Allis since 1979. Together, the dentists have a wealth of combined experience and share a philosophy of offering affordable dental care and using the latest best-practices.

This helps us deliver the best dental care to you and your family. Whether you live or work in West Allis or the general Milwaukee area, please contact us today at (414) 258-2500 to get started toward better oral health, teeth that feel great, and a super smile!