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Insurance Assistance

Wait!  If you ask, More insurance?  Why would I want that?, you’ll want to read on.  Our Dental Protection Plan (DPPI) is a really good deal.  Honest!

What is DPPI?

DPPI stands for Dental Protection Plan, Inc.  It is a supplemental dental insurance policy that covers up to 20% of your out-of-pocket dental expenses for all covered procedures.

How does DPPI save up to 20% of my out-of-pocket?

Referring to the following diagram…

DPPI covers what your other coverage does not, up to 20% of the procedure cost.

For example, take the second bar shown in the diagram.  If the procedure cost $1,000, the regular dental insurance coverage pays $500.  DPPI covers $200 (or 20%).  The patient pays the remaining 30%, or $300.

DPPI costs $40 per year.  That’s less than 10 cents per day.  For the example above, the $40 cost of the insurance was easily surpassed by the benefit of $200 of coverage.  If that had been a family example, DPPI costs just $50 per year for the entire family.  That’s $10 per year for a family of 5 per person.

Why would you NOT get this supplemental insurance?

Where do I get an application form?

There are several ways to get an application:

Download and print the form off right now.

DPPI Application

By mail, you can write to

7130 W. Greenfield Avenue
West Allis, Wisconsin 53214

Call us and ask to have an application sent to you.

(414) 259-9522

Stop in at the same address above.  If you need help with directions, please call.

Frequently Asked Questions for DPPI

Why does West Allis Dental Care offer DPPI?

We know how tough things are financially.  DPPI helps patients and families manage the costs of their dental health care.

Is DPPI real insurance?

Yes.  DPPI has been authorized to transact the business of a Service Insurance Corporation for Dental Care under Chapter 613 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  Its Certificate of Authority (Number 000-53465) was issued by the Office of the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance on August 10, 1987.  DPPI was organized and is operated exclusively to promote social welfare and to establish a non-profit plan for dental care and other health care plans, as contemplated and permitted in Chapter 613 of the Wisconsin Statutes.

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone is eligible to participate.

Is DPPI a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)?


How much does the DPPI policy cost?

An Individual Plan costs $40 per year.  An even better cost is the Family Plan, which costs $50 per year.

Are there any exclusions for pre-existing conditions?

No. There are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

Does it matter if I already have primary Dental Insurance Coverage from my employer, my spouse’s employer or any other source?

No.  In fact, this Supplemental Plan is very beneficial to you in this case, because with a few limitations and exclusions outlined below, the Plan will specifically apply to that percentage of your dental expenses which your primary Dental Insurance Coverage does not cover.  

However, PPO/HMO plan holders are not eligible for this supplemental insurance.

Does it matter if I do not have any primary Dental Insurance Coverage from an employer or other source?

No. In fact, just as for those who do have a primary Dental Insurance benefit from any employer or other source, this Plan is very beneficial because for a small premium you will have obtained a Plan of Limited Dental Insurance which covers a wide range of dental services and reduces your bills for those services by up to 20%.

Can I go to any dentist anywhere in the world and obtain the Dental Protection Plan, Inc. benefits?

Unfortunately, no. To obtain the DPPI benefits you must obtain services in the office of and from a dentist who is a Designated Provider.

Do coverages and benefits vary for different policy holders?

No. Your coverage and benefits are the same whether you have dental insurance coverage from an employer or other source.

Is there a deductible that I will have to pay out of my own pocket?


Where can I get even more information about the Dental Protection Plan?

You can visit the Dental Protection Plan website.

How long am I covered under the Dental Protection Plan, Inc. policy?

The DPPI policy is written for a one year period commencing with the date your application is received and accepted by DPPI and you are enrolled as a Subscriber. It may be renewed on an annual basis thereafter. Or download a PDF Application.  (Click on the link below.)

DPPI Application